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Patient Info & History Form

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Telephone: 206.508.5500

Fax: 206.508.5520

Our building is located 2 blocks North of REI.
Free parking is available on the rooftop of the building.

Parking Directions from I-5
Take the Mercer Street exit

Turn left onto Fairview Ave N

Turn left onto Republican St

Continue on Republican St 1/2 block past Yale Ave

On the right hand side there will be an alleyway - Turn Right down the alleyway located between Ripple Yoga and Evolve Fitness

Within 30 feet on your right hand side, make a slight right onto the open air roof top - Park only in parking stalls labeled 'DCA' (parking stalls 20-23)

Stairs are located in the SW corner of parking lot taking you to Yale Ave (in front of stall 21)

Our clinic will be to the right of the stairway as you come down from the parking lot.

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Dr. Mel is highly educated, well spoken, confident, and has a friendly demeanor

Victoria Ho Renton, WA