Preston Foote Testimonial

“Seattle pet owners will be lucky to have him”

“Our dog Sullivan, a Great Dane, developed a serious and progressive ulcerating skin condition at one year of age.  We saw two area veterinarians before being referred to the University of Tennessee, where we were fortunate to have met Dr. Mel.  He had exceptional bed side manner, was attentive to our concerns and immediately recognized Sullivan’s condition.  Through a couple of biopsy samples, Dr. Mel confirmed a rare condition called ‘epidermal bullosa aquisita’ and started Sullivan on appropriate medications.  Two weeks after his diagnosis, his disease was in remission and Sullivan’s ulcerating skin disease was a thing of the past.  Six months after his diagnosis and visit with Dr. Mel, Sullivan remains disease free.  We are terribly sad to see Dr. Mel leave but we’re very thankful to have met him.  Seattle pet owners will be lucky to have him.”

Preston Foote

Asheville, NC


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