DCA 2024 Costs

How many dermatology and/or specialty hospitals advertise their major costs on their websites?  At DCA, we try to be as transparent as possible to better help owners make important decisions regarding their pet’s ongoing problems.

New client exams $225: After a review of your pet's prior medical history, including previous tests and prior medications used and prescribed, Dr. Mel will ask a series of questions to obtain a thorough history to better understand the problem at hand.  A dermatologic examination of the skin and, generally, the ears will follow.  Each exam room is equipped with video-otoscopy so each owner will be able to view the structures of the ear canal at the same time.  Dr. Mel will then attempt to explain the underlying problem(s) and help to guide each pet owner with making informed decisions regarding the most appropriate tests and attempt to outline a sustainable, long-term, treatment plan

Follow up exams $110

Food allergy testing: There are no reliable blood or skin tests to predict food allergies in veterinary medicine.  While they do exist, we sincerely wish they didn't AND we sincerely wish veterinarians would avoid recommending/performing them.  They are a waste of money!  A strict diet trial, for at least 8 weeks, using a PRESCRIPTION hypo-allergenic diet is the most reliable means for determining a food allergy.  Over the counter foods, including raw-based diets, have been shown to contain cross-contamination of other proteins.  They are not made under strict sterile conditions.  But not all prescription hypo-allergenic foods are created equal.  Some prescription foods have higher rates of failures than others!  General veterinarians may not be recommending the most reliable prescription foods to help identify and fully control underlying food allergies.  Although each pet is different, we generally find the most success with the Rayne Nutrition rabbit, or Rayne Nutrition Plant Based diets.  

Allergy skin testing with sedation $450: After a careful and thorough diagnosis is made, allergy skin testing may be recommended.  Simple sedation (not anesthesia) is administered to relax a pet, the chest is shaved, and intradermal skin testing (skin prick test) is performed.  We administer approx. 56 regional allergens (grasses, trees, weeds, molds, dust mites, and other irritants) and evaluate the reactions on the skin.  The goal of allergy skin testing is to formulate a custom allergy treatment and help the immune-system become less reactive (more tolerant) to the offending allergens and improve overall allergy symptoms and reduce less need for anti-itch medications (steroids, Apoquel, Cytopoint, Atopica).  Allergy avoidance and/or removing of a specific allergen is not generally possible or helpful.  

CT scans $1,800-2,000: For middle/inner ear infections and/or vertigo (vestibular) symptoms or for growths (i.e. inflammatory polyps or tumors) in the external ear and middle ear cavities, a CT scan will be necessary prior to more advanced surgical procedures.  This can be done here at DCA, using sedation, AND NOT anesthesia, with contrast material, using an IV catheter.  This can be an outpatient procedure, oftentimes completed in a 60 min appointment window.

Ear polyp removal procedure $1800-$2200: The cost of this procedure depends on the amount of time it takes to perform under general anesthesia and the instruments/technique used.  An exam and CT scan are needed prior to scheduling this procedure, here at DCA.  This is done as an outpatient procedure; no overnight hospitalization is required for this procedure.

Skin biopsy procedure $600-$900:  This will depend on a few factors, including the level of sedation required, but a skin biopsy can be performed in a 60 min appointment window. 

CO2 laser growth removals: The price will vary, depending on the number and size of growths.  In some cases, this can range from $450-800, but can be up to $1,500-$2,500, or more.  Some cases can be done with simple and mild sedation and local anesthesia (lidocaine), but some cases may require full anesthesia.


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