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Send your questions about your pet’s dermatological issues. Please keep in mind, however, responses are made without the benefit of a physical exam. Specific recommendations should be considered only after examination by a licensed veterinarian.

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Dec 10

DCA Staff

Our clinic will be closed on select days for the upcoming holidays. read more

Nov 22

DCA Staff

Clinic closed for appointments 11/28-12/2 read more

Sep 12

DCA Staff

Clinic closed 9/28-9/30 read more

Aug 22

DCA Staff

DCA has updated office hours for the Labor Day weekend. CLOSED: 8/30-9/2 read more

Jun 25

DCA Staff

Our clinic will be closed Thursday, July 4th. read more

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We were so lucky to have met Dr. Mel

Cindy Hollingsworth Knoxville, TN