Sheila Hollars Testimonial

“Dr. Mel was extremely kind, very knowledgeable and patient”

“My dog Toby, a Cocker Spaniel, had been suffering from chronic ear infections and non-stop scratching.  I finally requested a referral to a specialist and was sent to the University of Tennessee.  Dr. Mel was extremely kind, very knowledgeable and patient.  He explained things in great detail and was genuinely concerned about Toby.  After performing allergy skin testing, Dr. Mel identified the offending allergens and created a vaccine.  Today, Toby’s allergies are almost 100% controlled and our quality of life is significantly better.  Our 2 hr drive from Kentucky to Tennessee was well worth the time to see Dr. Mel.  Allergic animals and pet owners will absolutely love him.”

Sheila Hollars

Berea, KY


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