Karen Ash Testimonial

“Dr. Mel saved my dog's ear!”

Highest marks for care, surgery skills, and response. We took on an elderly rescue pup a few years ago that had had many surgeries for growths in the past, and even an ear canal removed. When we got her, her remaining ear had a tremendous tumor and our local Vet recommended Dr Mel. He was able to save the ear, put her on a limited-ingredient food, and recommended all the natural foods our dog can eat. She did not have another problem for over 2 years until we tried to introduce a new food - now Dr. Mel is back on it and all is looking good to undo the ear canal reaction this new food has caused. I really like that you can email his Tech in between appointments too. Although in Seattle, his Office is easy to get to, right next to the 5 frwy and he has plenty of non-traffic time slots.

Karen Ash

Bothell, WA


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