Cindy Hollingsworth Testimonial

“We were so lucky to have met Dr. Mel”

“Three years ago, our dog Izzy, a Labradoodle, was suffering from severe scabbing that involved the face, feet and back.  She had been treated by two other veterinarians with antibiotics who insisted Izzy’s condition was a severe infection.  We became frustrated when we were told that ‘stronger’ antibiotics were needed.  That’s when we asked for a referral to a specialist.  We were so lucky to have met Dr. Mel.  He was so kind, understanding and smart.  He immediately recognized the pattern of skin lesions and made sound recommendations, and explained why everything was necessary.  Dr. Mel successfully diagnosed Izzy with ‘pemphigus foliaceus’ and treated her with the necessary medications.  Although her disease is in remission, we would still schedule our yearly rechecks with Dr. Mel.  We are so sad to see him leave the University of Tennessee.  Pet owners in Seattle are extremely lucky if they need a specialist.”

Cindy Hollingsworth

Knoxville, TN


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