Clare Foley, DVM Testimonial

“I WAS impressed! I will certainly be back and will also refer any patients I have”

"I am not easy to impress, as I am a veterinarian, myself, but I WAS impressed! When my dog's skin condition wasn't responding to any of the usual treatments, I realized it was time to see the specialist, dermatology specialist, that is. Right from the beginning, it was a great experience. My dog wasn't afraid and he is usually nervous when meeting new people. Racheal, the technician, was great and very friendly. She answered all my grilling questions. When Dr. Mel came in, he greeted my dog first. That meant a lot to me as my dog is the reason I am there. He is the patient. Dr. Mel gave me a tour of the new clinic and went over all the possibilities of why my dog hasn't been responding to conventional therapy. My dog is much better now and no longer pulling his hair out scratching. I will certainly be back and will also refer any patients I have with any bad skin problems or allergies. I am so glad to have a specialist in the area that is willing to talk to you on the phone when you have questions, as a doctor, and as a client!"

Clare Foley, DVM


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