Alla Petrova Testimonial

“Grateful for helping us with the skin issue and the prompt response with the letter.”

My poodle had a skin growth on her face, which worried me and made it hard to groom her. I contacted DCA and made an appointment to look at the growth. The doctor offered to remove it and send it to a lab for a biopsy. The procedure was done the same day using sedative. Since the procedure was done sooner than I anticipated, I didn't think about our vacation plans at the time. We contacted customs and were told that we need a letter from a doctor that she is ok to travel. I called the DCA office to give us such a letter, and we recieved the letter by email the same day. During the vacation, we received a phone call from the office that the biopsy came back normal. We are grateful for the help with our pets skin issue and the prompt response with the letter.

Alla Petrova



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